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Latest science research into the brain/body tells us movement can help us live a better life with greater calm, more focus and less pain. Angela McMillan is a speaker and coach on transformational movement. With over 20 years of training as a movement professional with her experience as a Feldenkrais Practitioner® and Dance Teacher. Angela is the creator of Movement Online Academy, Host of Awareness in Motion podcast and CEO of StoryVision Bootcamp (marketing growth coaching program).

Angela shares what is at the cutting edge of neuroscience and brain/body connection and how anyone can enhance their business and life with movement.

Angela helps movement professionals and wellness coaches grow epic personal brands without burnout. Angela’s unique methodology StoryVision brings your personal brand to life, inspiring your audience to become your raving fans.

Angela lives in Adelaide with her growing little two-man army (young boys) and enjoys reading in her courtyard garden.


Movement Classes Testimonials

“Before coming to classes with Angela I was struggling with a stressful life feeling lethargic. My back, neck and shoulders were sore. I’m 62years old working many hours a week had difficulty sleeping. After the first class, my sleep pattern had improved and I slept sound for the first time in ages. I definitely feel the class has made a huge difference in my outlet and my body.”
Sharon Quin

Online Marketing Testimonials

I can’t recommend Angela’s programs enough! I’ve had a very sustainable Feldenkrais® practice (individual work, classes, and workshops) for the past 24 years and when COVID-19 brought the world to a pause, Angela made it easy to transition my business online. While 90% of my individual clientele has taken a break from hands-on lessons, a few continued via video and more importantly having my weekly class online has been paramount to keeping the community feeling and the starting of rebuilding. While I will always want to work with people in person, having Angela’s help in building the infrastructure for the online business moving forward will give me so many choices about working from anywhere and expanding my business globally.


Move-PRO-itivity – Movement and Productivity

How movement can enhance productivity.
Everything has changed, faced with uncertainty our brain does what it is designed to do, keep us safe. It becomes difficult to make decisions and make the impact we desire to make in the world. Movement gives us life, there is not an emotional state that does not have a corresponding musculature action. In order to change our thinking and behaviour patterns, start with movement.

In this session you will discover:
•Know why you start with movement.
•The 3B framework – achieving more in less time.
•Discover the key to efficient and effective productivity outcomes.
•Find the connection between movement and productivity.

ATTENDTion: Develop self-awareness

How attention to how you attend to yourself, creates a significant change in all aspects of your life.
Our bodies are our greatest messengers. Our bodies are our greatest access point to a greater understanding of ourselves, our world and our purpose. And yet, we are more disconnected than ever. So often we ignore the messengers until the crisis point. Movement is a way to access your thinking, feeling and sensing with enormous opportunities for improvement in many aspects of your life.

In this session you will discover:
•Why slow movement creates longer lasting change
•Discover the 3 keys to moving better and feeling better
•How to build resilience and robustness

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