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Anton started his career as an Apprentice Electrician in 1990, the trade that would lead him to getting blown up in a switchboard, an accident that changed his life and his world. The learnings from this incident have helped Anton inspire other to follow their own dreams and goals.

Following that accident, Anton progressed into a range of mid-level management roles in industries including copper smelting, alumina refining and uranium mining, amongst others. In 2004, his focus changed from leading teams, to consulting to businesses,
and working with leaders nationally, and internationally, to create high performing team cultures.

After modest beginnings in the Consulting industry during his early years in business, Anton learnt the secrets of business success, and applied this to growing a range of businesses, including a labour hire business from 0 to over $2M turnover in 3 years.

Anton’s clients include small businesses, such as real estate agents, car dealerships and shed builders to global resource producers like Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton. Anton has held several board positions, most recently supporting the Start Up Gladstone Business Development Initiative; an initiative that is designed to encourage entrepreneurship that can increase business capability and skills in the Gladstone and Central Queensland region.

As well as speaking and business success, Anton is a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society, a society that rewards high academic achievement. Anton’s results during the study of an Undergraduate Engineering Diploma, a Graduate Business Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma of Maintenance Management qualified him for society membership.

As a keynote presenter, Anton delivers messages that stimulate, educate and inspire. As a workshop facilitator, he assists leaders to take ideas and strategies from inspiration to implementation. As an MC, Anton manages the event process, the consolidation of speaker engagements and the delivery of the event, all whilst working with the audience to keep them engaged.


Awesome guy with awesome ways to connect with and teach people the way to take control of their lives. Anton truly is one of the last good souls left on this planet. Just get PUMPED!

We sincerely appreciate the time and effort put in by Anton in delivering his very powerful and inspiring message at our national conference. It was fantastic – very engaging and thoroughly enjoyed by all! Its motivational potential has inspired others to want to be like you, Anton. Never underestimate the good you are doing and the far reaching affect you are having on other people

Absolutely fantastic service delivery that accurately delivered exactly what our team required. Highly recommend TGG to upgrade your team and your business!

Anton has, through his skills as a facilitator and public speaker, as well as his enthusiasm for the content he is delivering, made our program roll out a huge success. The positive comments on the results of the program to date and from those who have been involved bear testament to Anton’s skill

Having worked with Anton for over 10 years…as colleague and a client, his professionalism and commitment to servicing the client is second to none.

Anton is an energetic person who inspires action, has a great balance of listening and providing his perspective. His feedback comes from an experienced foundation, which proves in my example to be very effective


How to become a World Class Leader in 8 weeks or less!
For those that are ready, willing and able to take their leadership to the next level – to engage, inspire and support their teams to become high performing and caring teams

A sneak peek at the leadership strategies of the world’s biggest businesses
Learn what sets world class leaders apart, and what they do to achieve not only business results, but also people results (people growth, and future leader growth)

High performing teams are just more productive, and more fun – let’s be in one of them!
Learn how to develop the relationships, attributes and the output of a team that is aligned, that cares for each other and that trusts each team member to deliver

Leadership (and life) is not like a box of chocolates … it is like an Ironman Triathlon!
Being an Ironman is about a long swim, an ever long ride, then a marathon run to finish off – sounds a bit like running a business; toe in the water, the long slog, then bring it home

What I learnt from a near death workplace accident at age 21 …
How a young man did something stupid, for the right reasons, and changed his life to create an energy and zest for life that is unmatched – and how he now inspires others

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