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Over 30 years’ experience across the education and not-for-profit sectors, Bronwyn has developed her innate ability to work with people to bring out their full potential. From teaching children with special needs and leading a school to managing a Salvation Army centre and running a church, Bronwyn’s diverse and complex background has developed her capacity to see beneath surface circumstances and analyse the drivers behind behaviour that is phenomenal.

A seemingly random opportunity— of working with asylum seekers – shook Bronwyn’s foundations and allowed her to see the impact that individual and corporate stories have on outlook and decision-making. She saw the limitations and unconscious bias latent in her conservative background growing up in a largely white Australia.

This sent Bronwyn on a new trajectory — to make bias conscious in the corporate environment. Using the old Chinese proverb, “A fish is the last one to know what water is” Bron works with individuals and corporations to identify their “water” or biases, build understanding of the impact of unconscious bias and develop strategies for change and growth.


Through Bronwyn’s understanding, experience and excellent presentation, we can integrate a broader thinking around diversity into both our work . This new thinking and approach to diversity assists our staff in making informed decisions from a culture-based perspective.
Lisa Dalla-Zuanna State Manager, Salvation Army Housing

Bron Williams is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. She is genuine, authentic and someone you just can’t help but want to surround yourself with! A true inspiration!
Lindsay Adamson, Founder and CEO, The Hungry Lioness


What’s Your Water?
A fish is the last one to know what water is.
Uncovering unconscious bias.
What do we do with the water?

Courageous Relationships
Courageous Communication
Courageous Boundaries
Courageous Growth

Death by a Thousand Cuts
Abuse comes in many forms.
The past shapes you but does not define you
Write a new story.

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