Life is about relationships.

The best relationships are the ones that make you feel like you’re connected.

As the Directors of Presenters for Events, everything we do is about making you feel connected.

For Event and Meeting Planners, this means a stronger unique partnership. You can contact speakers directly once you know who you want to work with, or you could tap into our insider knowledge and let us help you select the perfect speaker for your event. For the truly Entrepreneurial Souls, we have our Simpatico Program that helps you boost your Events Management Business. Chat with us.

For Speakers, this means we care about you and your work. With us you’ll never just be a name in a database. Your success is our success, and we’ll do everything we can to help you shine at whatever stage of your speaker journey. Join us.

A rising tide lifts all boats and at Presenters For Events we want to ensure that our work impacts the world positively. So through our partnership with Solar Buddy, we ensure a percentage from all bookings go towards eliminating energy poverty, which claims more lives than  Malaria and HIV/Aids combined.

With 20+ years of experience within the meetings and events industry, our values of fun, flexibility and professionalism continue to get a workout on a daily basis – and we love it!  So have a chat with us about your event and let’s see how we can connect the pieces together to make magic happen.

– Donna and Gerry Morris


Our Logo

When creating a logo for Presenters For Events, we tapped into our Irish and Scottish backgrounds for something very close to our hearts…the Irish Claddagh Ring, representing love, loyalty and friendship.

Comprising of one hand symbolising our Presenters, reaching out to another hand representing Event Planners, the heart in the middle represents our love for connecting the two parties. Lastly, the crown represents loyalty.

When these elements are combined, the Claddagh Ring celebrates collaboration.

We truly believe the future of Presenters For Events relies on this collaboration, joining people in a common cause and sharing the love along the way.

Gerry is an absolute pleasure to deal with, and very responsive and a wealth of knowledge. The latest event he assisted with was a virtual variety show, AMAZING! Highly recommend

Alana Brettle, Oz Party Events