Get more bookings.

We make it easy for clients to contact you directly or deal with us to get you booked.

Presenters For Events have several major points of difference. We are the only platform that gives potential clients the opportunity to deal with you directly. Your contact number is displayed so potential clients can call you to discuss their event. We also display links to your website and social media platforms and email all inquiries to you directly to allow faster responses.

We believe that if a potential client is researching you, why not supply them with all they need to book you faster.

How It Works

  • For a one-time joining fee of AUD$550, we work with you to create your listing page that appears on our site and periodically in our marketing promotions.
  • If we secure an engagement for you, an industry standard commission applies – we take care of administrative tasks on yours and the client’s behalf. We create the contracts, tax invoices and ensure payments are made on time. All you need to do is focus on the client needs and be available for briefing calls etc., then turn up to the event to deliver your services.
  • If a client comes to you directly from our site and you manage the booking yourself, you may consider a gratitude payment to Presenters For Events. If you wish, we can process the administration to streamline the process or you can continue to deal direct with the client – we are all about keeping all parties happy and making it easy for all.

Earn More Through Simpatico

We know that a big challenge for Presenters is to constantly find new clients, so Simpatico is our referral program to help more Presenters get more bookings.

It’s not always possible to present to the same client year after year so consider recommending our platform and we can suggest other presenters for their next events.

As well as providing added-value for your client, you’ll also be helping a fellow presenter and you will be financially rewarded for your effort. This works both ways because your fellow Presenters’ clients may be the right audience for you. Everyone wins.

Contact us to chat about the opportunities available by becoming a part of the Presenters For Events family.

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