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Chris works with organisations to improve performance through better communication.

Communication, in all its forms, has been key to his success:

•Fighter pilot and commanding officer of Australia’s top gun school
•Business leader who has won billions of dollars of contracts
•Australian champion spoken word artist and award-winning poet

Chris draws on this surprising combination of experience to share the secrets of Communication Aces – leaders who achieve sky high performance by communicating from the COCKPIT.


Chris stole the show at Shoal Group’s recent ‘hideaway’ event. Showing a deep understanding of communication, Chris modelled his advice and demonstrated how to connect online; how to simplify our communications and ensure effective delivery. Chris energised our team, stimulating discussion and setting up the rest of the conference for success.
Shaun Wilson Founder and Business Development Lead Shoal Group

I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from Chris at tonight’s session. Particularly loved the emotional connection in communication being the bridge over which our message must cross! Was insightful, authentic & delivered with commitment – thanks for the journey.
Colm Maguire Group Executive Pharmacy Transformation, Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Your session was one of the best we’ve had so far in the last three years! I personally like the content as well as the interaction you got with young graduates and students. I totally agree with you we are facing one of the biggest challenges in leaders these days who don’t think about their audience before giving their message.
Harry Hoang CEO, Tailored Accounts

Chris delivered an excellent presentation on connecting with an audience and being present when speaking to other people. The skills that he spoke about were specific, practical and realistic. Chris clearly knew and practised his subject matter in an enjoyable address.
Philip Roper, Institute of Public Accountants


Communicate from the COCKPIT, not the cabin
Our daily routines are killing communication.

If we’re not stuck in our offices, grinding through emails, we’re sitting in endless meetings without purpose.

This cycle stifles our awareness and smothers our voice.

It is communicating from the cabin, among the cargo that is just along for the ride.
Want to energise your team and improve your organisation’s collaboration, creativity and performance?

Chris offers two-hour, half-day and full-day sessions on the COCKPIT framework that have attendees leaving as communication aces.

Ask Chris to tailor a training session to fit your event and goals.

Want a customised approach to work on your specific communication goals?

Chris will work with you to develop the skills you need, with a tailored and practical coaching program. He includes both theoretical and practical work in each session, tailored to the topics you would like to work on.

Practical work can include rehearsals, role-playing or Chris’s attendance at one of your speaking events.

Chris can package workshops and coaching programs for a group of leaders within your organisation.

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