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Colin D Ellis is an award-winning international speaker, best-selling author and renowned workplace culture and project management expert who delivers speeches around the world that inspire, motivate and entertain!

Able to draw on more than 30 years of public and private sector leadership experience in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, Colin injects energy, humour and stories into his presentations. Combining anecdotes with the latest statistics, research and workplace trends, Colin’s keynotes also leave audiences with practical, actionable insights.

Colin’s presentations reflect the times we live in now, the behaviours we need to demonstrate and the challenges we face today and in the future.

Colin is originally from Liverpool in the UK and now lives in Melbourne, Australia following six years in New Zealand. He is known for his snappy dressing, sense of humour and love of karaoke.


Colin worked with our team on a one day culture workshop. It was the first time the team had come together in well over a year.
Colin created a fun, engaging, exciting and almost party atmosphere through his session and yet we created our team vision, agreed our behaviours and went away with personal development work plans. As one of my senior leaders said, we’d achieved more in a single day than his previous organisation had achieved in six months.
Matthew Needham, Executive Leader

Wow, Wow and Wow! Colin delivered a truly motivating, real and thought-provoking talk. I don’t believe we have ever had a speaker who has had such a profound effect on colleagues, the energy he ignited on the day continues more than a week later.

Colin has an outstanding way of delivering a powerful and engaging message through strong research, thought-provoking delivery and good old English humour!
Finite Recruitment

I engaged Colin recently for his keynote on culture for my Sales Director lunch. Everyone has been raving ever since and I look like a goddess for getting him in the room. Never ever have I seen a speaker so comfortable in their IP. Colin has the ability to hit key messages with stand up comedy pace. Bloody brill – 10/10
SPARC Network



●The Six Pillars of Culture
●Why emotional intelligence is the key to success
●How to spot what kind of culture you have
●Why sub-cultures are important

●A full understanding of what culture is and how to change it
● An understanding of the behaviours required to build vibrant culture
●The actions managers can take to immediately build a vibrant culture



●Understanding the kind of culture you have now
●Why toxic cultures are bad for people and productivity
●Why cultures don’t change they evolve

●How to deal with fixed mindset people determined to hold culture back
●How to reset behavioural expectations
●The steps you can immediately take to positively evolve the culture



●Why culture is the biggest determinant of organisation success
●Why transformation programs consistently fail
●The role senior managers play in cultural evolution

●What great transformation programs look like
●An understanding of what’s required of senior leaders to support evolution
●The immediate culture priorities that CEOs need to address



●Why communication is learned and not always in a good way!
●The importance of variable communication in message delivery
●The four types of communication

●An understanding of how to deliver any message to any person
●Examples of how communication has changed
●How to reduce complexity in communication



●Why projects are the only way to maintain competitive
●The two reasons for consistent project failure
●The circle of project management competence

●How to deliver any project successfully, every time
● The behaviours required of project sponsors and managers
●Spotting the early warning signs of project failure



You tell me what to talk about!

In this ‘ask the audience’ style speech, I field your culture, leadership and project topics on the fly! With this highly interactive format we directly address your most pressing issues in an energetic and memorable way.

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