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Craig Carr, is a sales and communication expert. He has been described by those who have worked with him, as one of the most dynamic “how to” Sales and communication trainers available today. He has trained thousands of people in multiple countries, and his straight talking no nonsense approach is creating immediate results for businesses and individuals just like you. The techniques he teaches are instantly applicable and will immediately inject into your business massive increases in sales, profits and rates of conversion.  

Craig has been selling for over 30 years and teaching others for the last 18. He is still actively selling in his own sales business and has personally sold over $500 million in sales. So what he teaches is not theory that used to work, it is the latest practical training that works right now in today’s market.  Craig, has shared the stage in multiple countries with some of the highest paid, most professional speakers in the world. Craig is an Author, a Licensed Professional Business Coach, a certified NLP Master Practitioner, a certified DISC Master Practitioner and holds Diplomas in Advanced Body Language and Non Verbal Communication. He can provide complete solutions to your immediate needs across every element of your business…and they work! 

Craig is the Co-Founder of Freedom Sales Academy, a learning institution devoted to Sales and Communication Mastery. His programs can help businesses and individuals to increase their sales results by 212% and conversions by up to 75% almost instantly!     


“I have never seen a Speaker motivate such a lift in performance from a group so fast! I saw a young member of our sales team close a sale larger than any sale she had closed previously, the same day of the event. One of our team sold a warranty with his first two customers of the day, within minutes of the training session, using one of the techniques Craig had taught. He hadn’t sold one in the previous 3 days. Awesome stuff Craig! I can’t wait to have you speak with us again”
John Andary, National Sales Trainer

“I thought I would pass on some positive feedback since the staff went through the training session with Craig Carr last week. We are most definitely seeing a greater urgency in team members trying to close deals. It’s great to see some staff quickly picking up the techniques to avoid or limit discounting and to push back to the customer that there is greater value in better products. Just one example, Andrew in Car Sound instantly adopted some of the techniques and we saw immediate results. He sold $27k in car audio last week (his best effort in some time) but he also managed 7 warranties, which represented his best ever week in warranty penetration and we can see his confidence growing. He backed it up with a further $5k in car audio on Monday. I and the team sincerely thank you Craig”.
C. Carter Store Manager

“Could you please pass this message on to Craig Carr for me? I was in attendance at one of his Sales Master Class speaking events. I want to say that I have never seen a training session like it. I wanted to thank him for his energy and the content of the information he gave here at our store. I have been buzzing since the session and have seen an instant lift in my sales closure rate. I know with the techniques shared I will be able to take my sales to a completely new level. Thank you again”.
P. Tyler Telco Specialist


Be real.

We are working with sales people new and veterans to reinvent the way that they sell. Be authentic, the idea that everyone with a pulse is a fit for your product, will do you and the customer more harm than good. Not everyone is a customer for your product, recognizing that, will allow you more time with those who could and should buy your solution. So if you want to massively increase your sales and conversion rates, without sounding like a pushy sales person. Here is three things you can do to get fast results.

Be a Doctor, not a sales person.

Sales people do a lot of talking, doctors are questions. The doctor has to diagnose before they attempt to prescribe, whereas the sales person will just launch into their latest product before finding out whether it is the right fit for you. The best bit, it’s true from a sales person we want the best price, but from the doctor we want the best advice, which one do you think is worth more?

Don’t defend, learn more.

When it comes to objections, the modern consumer wants 2 things. 1. To be heard and 2. To be understood. Yet we see the average sales person defend, fight or push back on any objection the customer brings up. I understand that it is natural to defend our product. However, you may win the argument but you won’t win the customer. There is an expression in selling that says objections will die with agreement. So seek to find agreement with your customer and ask questions to learn more about their concern.

Forget the book on closing.

It’s better to learn a few natural ways to close a sale, than it is to try to memorize “101 ways to close a sale” and not use any of them. Most old school closing techniques are based on the idea of persuasion, I don’t know too many people who like the idea of being persuaded into something. A better approach after determining your product or service is a fit for your customer is to simply ask your if it makes sense to move to the next step, whatever that is in your sales process. If yes, they bought, if no, go back to step 2. Simple, friendly and authentic. Of course a quick warning here, not too many of your competitors will be selling this way, so watch out for the stampede of customers! But you would be ok with that right? Hey, who said there was a rule that selling had to be too serious? Our students and clients are learning too sell more in a modern market and are having fun with their customers along the way. I wonder where those customers will go back to next time? Ready to sell faster and easier that you ever thought possible? Check out what we are doing at Freedom Sales Academy and take your sales to a level, where most people don’t even know there is a level.

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