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Amy is a psychologist, speaker and facilitator. She is an expert in psychological and interpersonal safety. Fear restricts our capability, communication and implementation at work. Using her expertise (built over three decades) Amy’s clients build safe cultures characterised by high trust, courageous communication and behavioural flexibility. The result is an agile workforce who deliver remarkable achievements with high engagement and low interpersonal friction.

Amy has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Masters in Forensic Psychiatry, Masters in Performance, Bachelor with Honours in Psychology and further therapeutic training in cognitive therapies such as Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Compassion Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. She is a contributing author to many books including the acclaimed Oxford Handbook of Behavioural Experiments (Oxford University), and has published her own book Conversations Create Growth for managers.


She is indeed an inspiring presenter – intelligent, kind, entertaining and humble. Her message is both disarming and profound, entirely practical and applicable. I immediately acted upon Amy’s advice (as is her intent) and myself and my team have since been rewarded in spades. Excuse the somewhat effusive recommendation, but I cannot speak highly enough of Amy and her messages.
David, Head of Sales@ Women in Business Conference

We recently worked with Amy to help us determine our strategic direction. How glad we were to have Amy. She helped us design the discussion guide and moderated groups with professionalism so that we got what we needed. She was outstanding, focused, efficient and really took the time to understand what we were trying to achieve.
Mei Lim, Communications Director


THE SAFE SPACE How to lead a courageous team<\

Psychological safety is paramount for innovation, capitalising on diversity of thought, and connection with our work. Building teams that are capable of using trust and effective conversations is where we need to be in order to close the gap between what we could do and what we actually do.We must also be able to stretch our behavioural range, drive ourselves towards our goals being vulnerable and courageous. How we do that will depend on how safe we are. By enabling The Safe Space within our team, we can use each other better to make more agile and responsive moves.


TRUST The currency of influence

Rapport, influence, communicationYour audience will understand how to maximise opportunities to create quality relationships and conversations. There are solutions to building rapport effectively that centre around our ability to lead and concede. This keynote describes the 9 skills that underlie the creation of trust so that we create opportunity in every conversation.


POWER UP You have more power than you think

Influence, self development, braveryThis keynote inspires people to focus on their influence skills and centers on conviction, courage and consciousness of practice. The audience will leave with an understanding of how to tap into their most powerful behaviour and thinking styles. This keynote will help people tap into their power, celebrate themselves and fire themselves to go stronger and harder towards their goals!

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