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Gail and Ron have been married for more than four decades and are both still happy with that arrangement. They have two surviving adult children, after an eventful past.

With a passion for European travel, Gail and Ron have ventured to that part of the world several times, giving Gail the opportunity to speak German – her favourite subject in High School.

After 20 years in Children’s Dentistry, her neck and elbow decided they would no longer drill and fill, so she moved into Medical Reception for Specialists.

Gail was raised to treat everyone as equals, no matter what colour, religion or social standing, so when her Mum was treated poorly in a wheelchair, the seed of the idea of writing a book was sown. However, she had no idea how to tackle the process and at 55 Gail considered herself too old to start a new career pathway.

An elderly motivational speaker shattered that illusion, so in 2011 Gail focused, took action and embarked on a journey into the unknown. She became an Author and Speaker.

With a selection of presentations Gail tells us why ‘You’re never too old to start’ and how she learned to ‘Press on Regardless’.


You Are What You Think & SayI really enjoyed your incredible speech at the Professional Speakers of Australia SA event last Tuesday. You were engaging and informative, funny and poignant and I think everyone, including me, really loved your message

Professional Speakers of Australia SA


Life Happens – Dealing with the Tough Stuff

Imagine her reaction when someone thanked Gail for saving their life?
An unlikely friendship began when she gave a copy of her ‘Unscrambling Grief’ book to a lady who shared that it was the 1st anniversary of her husband’s death.
Short conversations ensued over time, but all the while Gail was just being herself, with a listening ear.
Little did she know that listening would impact her new friend in such a significant way.
Are you intrigued?
Let Gail share the story with your audience … Ordinary people and Ordinary relationships really do matter.

‘Age is Just a Number – Attitude is Everything’

When friends were slowing down in their 50’s, Gail began writing books and ventured into Public Speaking.
In her 60’s she’s returned to study and launched a new business, relishing new opportunities that come along.

Exciting plans for April 2020 were placed on hold due to lockdown, but when she got the green light, Gail was out there proving that regardless of age, she could do whatever she put her mind to – even if others thought her mad!

‘Age is Just a Number – Attitude is Everything’ will inspire audiences to Reach for the Stars and Watch as the Magic Unfolds.

You Are What You Think & Say – So Let’s Make It Good

Are you Confused, Stressed, Exhausted? Most of the Sandwich Generation – dealing with declining elderly relatives – are feeling this way.

Too much time is lost in the workplace due to the multitude of ageing issues. Sadly, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Gail authored 5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle several years ago, opening a flood gate of questions from overwhelmed families.

In time her Aged Care Explained business was born to bridge the gap between confused families and where the right Aged Care solutions can be found.

Gail’s Simplifying Aged Care Issues Presentation or Workshop are suitable for:

•Lunch & Learns (Half to 1 hour presentation)

•Executive & / or Staff Workshop (1 or 2 hour workshop – your choice)

•Public audiences (1 hour presentation)

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