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In a world of distraction, disruption and disconnection, what you say next – matters

Gary Edwards speaks in the areas of leadership, sales, communication, influence and change. He works with leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to show them how to communicate with clarity and be more influential in critical situations.

Described as “fast, funny, practical and inspiring” Gary is a motivational keynote speaker like no other, with a unique background and a compelling message.

Gary combines all of his experience and skills to provide audiences with a highly interactive, highly practical and very funny insight into the mindset and skills we need to build trusting relationships with other people and achieve outstanding results in a changing world.


Thanks so much for doing a fantastic job yesterday. Everyone was raving about you! The best speaker by far and loved the way you weaved the magic in with some solid info and tools they could go away with.
NACRO Annual Conference

Just wanted to thank you for your fantastic presentation, it was just what we needed. Very funny and very useful – your ideas on how we can build trust with our clients were practical and very relevant to our industry. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone else who needs a highly entertaining and engaging speaker.
First National Real Estate


Creating the Future

How to Think like a Magician, Persuade like a Lawyer and Negotiate as if your Life Depends on it

Building trusted relationships with customers and colleagues in a world of distraction, disruption and disconnection

It’s been said that “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. With continuous changes to technology and the disruption to our lives that this causes, it can be hard to know where to start in order to do just that. In his signature keynote presentation Gary draws on his unique background to show the audience exactly how to be more influential in their work and personal lives, so that they can create their own future and that of those they live with, work with and serve.


How to Tell if Someone is Lying to You

Be the truth-teller your clients and colleagues are looking for.

This is the keynote presentation that Gary was asked to give to senior Court Judges to help them assess the reliability of witnesses – adapted to any audience that needs to build better relationships. Gary takes audiences behind-the-scenes to reveal the principles of perception and deception used by magicians, lawyers and hostage negotiators and shows audiences the verbal and non-verbal cues that reveal if someone is lying to you. He then demonstrates how they can use those insights to be more influential by being perceived as “the truth-teller” when communicating with colleagues, customers and clients.


Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors

7 Principles for Leadership from the Art of Magic

Learn the perception principles that will improve your leadership performance

From engaging the audience to managing attention, from leveraging perspectives to creating belief, magicians use a set of skills and psychological strategies that are directly applicable to leading and managing people. In this presentation Gary will demonstrate the 7 Principles for Leadership from the Art of Magic and show the audience how they can apply them to build relationships and improve their business outcomes.

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