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Peak Performance, Leadership Coach and Productivity Amplifier

In a world of competing priorities, influencing and leadership are core skills. In fact, inspiring and leading your teams may be the biggest challenge on your plate right now.

There’s a reason Ian Stephens is invited to speak around the world to teams, sales executives and leaders. That’s because he’s got a passion for equipping people with practical tools they can use immediately to amplify productivity and analysis the strategies and distinctions high achievers are using to produce amazing results.

A master of integrating his Neuro-linguistic Programming tools into his workshops, Ian particularly specialising in helping leaders transitions from ‘one of the team’ to being ‘the leader of the team’. Ian serves up practical tools in dealing with resistant staff members, ensuring the team is engaged, and being flexible to change.

High-engagement infused with humour… all custom-tailored to your organisation’s needs, vision and specific challenges. His keynotes or workshop sessions are a mastery intensive for team focus, discipline and achievement.

A prolific writer, Ian is the author of 3 books, and the creator of 11 CD/DVD and on-line resources all designed to amplify your sales, leadership, personal and business results.


“Ian was great and we received nothing but positive praises from our delegates. Ian, thank you once again for the wonderful presentation, our delegates had been using some of your key words to drive their activity up. Definitely one of the highlights for this year’s conference!”
Frontline Recruitment Group

“Ian was the ideal MC for our audience. He had clearly done a lot of background work and was fully prepared for each session and event. He engaged the delegates extremely well and his delivery style was both professional and entertaining. I would definitely recommend Ian and use him again for future events.”
Australian Glass & Glazing Association Inc.

“We found Ian’s keynote session to be very professional, 100% on brief, upbeat, relatable and practical. Plenty of useful information provided with energy and enthusiasm.”
Finite Recruitment


The Rhythm of MOMENTUM

Inspiring and Motivational Featuring Ian’s National Speedball Championship Routine

Getting your team to create momentum, and maximise it may just be the most important area of focus for leaders these days. Based on his book ‘The 7 Step Pathway to Mastery’ this powerful and entertaining presentation includes a highly moving display of mastery and momentum in action. It leaves delegates motivated to take action and resourced with tools to make any required change happen.

Participants are engaged before Ian even speaks. His portable Speedball framework (erected on the stage) immediately creates a state of curiosity. His powerful talk weaves in Ian’s journey to master the Rhythm Speedball (Speedbag in the USA), and totally engages and inspires conference participants. Culminating in a live demonstration of his National Speedball Championship routine, your team will be dazzled at ‘what’s possible’ when the power of focus and discipline are merged.


In this raw and vulnerable keynote, Ian shares the highs and lows of his career, from down and out with the creditors calling, to being named in the top 20 motivational business speakers in Australia. Using his journey to master the Rhythm Speedball (Speedbag in the USA) as a metaphor for resilience and bouncing back, Ian totally engages and inspires conference participants.


The Rhythm of Leading for Longevity

This powerful and entertaining presentation highlights the tools leaders can use to navigate their team through times of uncertainty, change and an era of disruption. People leave their ‘one-up-leader’, not the organisation! How well are your leaders stroking the motivators and values of their team members, and ensuring they willingly tap into their discretionary effort reserves? Are your leaders thinking about ‘disruption’ and how to prepare for it? Ian Stephens is co-founder of ‘Neuro-Transformational Strategies’. He is the author of three books and is currently finishing ‘Enrich, the new science of Self-Leadership’.

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