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Jem is a trusted advisor and coach to CEO’s and senior leadership teams across the government, private and not-for-profit sectors. He helps create more mindful leaders and healthier work-place cultures. Jem is an expert in human behaviour, specialising in communication and personal resilience.

Jem is the Director and Facilitator for his own international leadership retreat company, and has been taking leaders to the remote Indian Himalaya, jungles of Northern Bali and Kimberley region of NW Australia since 2014.

Past Experience
From his punk days squatting in London to his years of barefoot backpacking around the Indian sub-continent and then years of corporate ‘high-flying’, Jem has lived the extremes.

He has been a global tattooist, kindergarten teacher in Asia, motorcycle courier and fire dancer, Chinese masseuse and reflexologist, travel agent and senior leader with a multi-national company. Over the last decade he has studied and become qualified in coaching, human behavioural profiling and neuro linguistic programming.

Jem is passionate about helping to create more functional humans who can collaborate to create outstanding results for the greater good.

Jem is now an award winning author for his #1 Amazon best seller, The Art of Conscious Communication for Thoughtful Men. His book is featured on the globally successful FranklinCovey podcast, On Leadership, with Scott Miller.

You can also check out Jem on the TEDx platform here


Jem Fuller was one of the speakers at our National Road Show event in Victoria. The feedback from attendees to his masterclass was all very positive. A theme in the feedback was that the takeaways from his keynote were immediately applicable and our members felt empowered to implement the strategies they had learnt.His delivery style and amazing adventure stories made the talk very engaging.

Events and Conferences, CPA

Jem’s ability to engage and hold a room full of our people was amazing. His key messages and takeaways have been transformative for our departments and the feedback for his session at our national conference has been glowing. I can highly recommend Jem Fuller to speak at any event.

Paul Graham, Manager of Student Wellbeing Mt Waverley Secondary College


Diversity, Connection and a Remarkable Result – the story of what’s possible when a common cause dissolves the fears of difference.

In a small village in remote north central India, it was the motorcycle accident that could have taken his life. Instead it paved the way for a connection of very different people from around the world, who came together to create a miraculous healing in a small guesthouse, on the banks of the Ganges.

Connection and collaboration with people from different backgrounds greatly increases the scope of potential solutions to our workplace problems. But our egos and fears get in the way. How do we put our own ‘stuff’ to the side, so we can lean in and be a part of truly creative Innovation.

Who is this for:
Leaders, professionals, teams strengthening culture, HR and people development, students.

Key takeaways:
– how to respond rather than react
– how to understand and connect with those-not-like-us
– tools to dissolve work place differences and get on the same page

Unlocking the Code of Culture – A process you can follow to make your workplace somewhere people want to be.

We know when our company’s culture isn’t great. People are disengaged and not communicating well in or across teams. But how do we create the culture we need?

After working in, and now with organisations large and small, across the public and private sectors, Jem has developed a proven methodology that when implemented, guarantees a healthy growth of culture, where people love coming to work and are intrinsically motivated to contribute.

In this talk, Jem brings his ‘Culture – How To’ process to life with his colourful stories and examples of inspirational company cultures.

Who is this for:
Leaders, start-ups, teams, CEO’s, schools, SME’s

Key takeaways:
– The three most important pillars of your Cultural Framework
– How to design a culture implementation strategy
– Understanding the human behaviours that create awesome culture

Daring To Be You – Vulnerability, authenticity and self-trust

This story takes us on a journey from Jem’s punk days squatting in London, to his barefoot and dreadlocked backpacking around India, tattooing travellers on Thai beaches and all the way through to his corporate leadership days, then founding his own Mindful Leader international retreat company.

On his colourful life journey of seeking meaning, identity, connection and belonging, Jem created a wealth of interesting and applicable experiences to help us understand, accept and trust that we are enough, and have what we need to back ourselves and take action.

In this engaging talk, your attendees will be motivated and inspired to step further into self-leadership and taking ownership for their results.

Who is this for:
Employees, entrepreneurs, team leaders, employees, business owners, students

Key takeaways:
– Understanding your human core needs
– Tools for busting procrastination and self doubt
– Mindset strategies to create your reality

Conscious Communication – A Way to Fulfilling Your Potential

Our ability to be effective in any situation is intrinsically linked to our ability to communicate.

There are times to speak straight and call a spade a spade. There are times to consider and choose your words with care. There are times to sit still and seek to understand, and times to just stand up and lead by example. The Art is knowing which to use when and how.

Communication is so much more than just the exchange of information. It is the bridge between isolation and connection. It is the way to reconciliation and the road to making a better world. It is also the tool with which we make manifest our creations from ideas into reality. Communication underpins our ability to collaborate and solve the biggest problems. More personally, it is also the foundation of the quality of our relationships, and this constitutes the quality of our experience of life.

Key takeaways:
-A process for effective communication
-A model to understand the 4 communication styles
-A simple practise to elevate your ability to remain clear and calm in communication

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