Karina Chapman is a Conscious Connection Expert, Author, Speaker, and Facilitator.

With over 30 years’ experience in industries that rely on communication, connection and education, Karina is a contagious personality who inspires others to grow clarity and consciousness on how to create new positive relationships.

What is Conscious Connection?

Conscious Connection is the way to gain awareness and knowledge about the type of people that you want to attract into your life and why… And how to use that clear vision to connect with others and manifest the relationships that you dream of into your reality.

Whether it’s new connections in business, friendships, or romance that you want to attract into your life, Karina can give you clarity on the characteristics, traits and values of who you want to connect with, then share strategies on how to attract them into your life.

Proximity is power, so what new relationships do you need to create today?

A certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Instructor, Karina is also a leader with the Speakers Tribe SA, ambassador for the Speakers Institute, and volunteer for Healing Through Love Pamper Days.

How you could use Karina’s expertise:

Conference keynotes
Half/Full Day Workshops
Guest Speaker
Guest Author
Author Panel
Podcast Guest
One-on-One Programs/Sessions
One-on-one Sessions

What you will learn:

The 5 C’s of Conscious Connection
How to use Conscious Connection in Business
Attracting new friendships or a romantic relationship
What is holding you back
Why discovering yourself first is crucial
The keys to creating clarity and confidence


“Really interesting -very practical and engaging! Karina is an excellent communicator; truly knowledgeable, energetic, vivacious and great to learn from.”
K. Jones

“Karina helped me to gain clarity on what to look for, set my boundaries and discover what was important to me. After twenty years of being in a relationship I knew what I didn’t want — but I had no idea what I actually wanted for my Mr Right! I also loved her guided meditations in the ‘Finding Mr Right’ program – I felt a positive shift in my energy every time.”
O. Goodman

“Karina was absolutely lovely and presents in a friendly and humorous way. I thoroughly enjoyed her message and got so much out of it – I feel far more self-confident and empowered after attending!”
T. Gordijn


Conscious Connection in Business
In the past business has been about struggling alone or hoping to meet peers at networking functions. Traditionally we have searched for clients — rather than attracted them. The future of business is through connection. Discover how to attract and connect with new clients and business contacts who resonate with your business to reach your vision.


Finding your Tribe
Research shows that loneliness worldwide is on the rise, and friends feel more distant than ever before. If you have moved locations, grown apart or disconnected from your friends, how do you find more like-minded people to create friendships with? Karina shares how the five C’s of Conscious Connection can help to attract positive new friendships into your proximity whose energy vibration, interests and values match your own.


DO Date the Wrong Men
Are your audiences’ single women? Speak directly to the hearts of singles of all ages who wish they could find ‘the one’ — but have no idea who that is! Karina helps others gain clarity on who they are first, so they can recognise which future possible matches are perfect for them. Discover how to attract the romantic relationship of your dreams with Karina’s presentation on Conscious Connection in dating.



Clarity Session  45 minutes
•What do you need clarity on when dating?
•Find out whether your current beliefs are helping or hindering you
•Walk away with tangible ideas, solutions or actions to move you forward

Finding YOU Discovery Session  90 minutes
•Discover who you are and what’s really important to you
•Create a vision of the future you dream of
•Gain clarity on steps to take to start manifesting that life now

Finding Your Tribe  3 x 1-hour sessions
•Find out what type of people would be in your tribe
•Learn how to create new friendships with like-minded people
•Develop new strategies and actions to start connecting with your tribe


Finding Mr Right – Conscious Attraction Dating  6 x 1-hour
•Discover what traits, qualities and interests your Mr Right has
•Clear out the past and avoid repeating patterns
•Stop self-sabotage and create a clear vision
•Grow confidence and courage to find the right guy for you

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