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Mark Carter is an established international keynote speaker, trainer and coach. He has over 20 years experience as a global learning and development professional. His TEDx Casey talk was the movie trailer for his latest book ‘Add Value’.

With over two decades as a learning and development professional, building frameworks for blue chip billion-dollar companies and SME’s, Mark Carter knows a thing or two about human behaviour.

He can present on adaptability, productivity, peak performance, culture, talent and sales … anything and everything to do with people. That’s because Mark Carter has dedicated his life to helping people adapt their perspective, make choices and take actions that deliver better results in their lives.

Author of Add Value, published globally by Wiley in 2020, Mark shares why truly knowing what we value, and why, is the real basis of success.

From a leader and training Manager for Contiki Holidays to working across more than 40 countries, Mark knows how to connect and get the best out of people. He understands that the secret to wealth for every business sits with its key assets, its people. And when he presents, his keynotes do more than engage and entertain, they inspire people to look to the future, to evolve their skills and embrace change.

Mark’s enthusiasm is infectious. He connects with his audience because he cares about his audience. And he truly wants them to know what he knows, so they can leverage their strengths, manage their weaknesses and be the best person they can be.

He should be bottled up and drunk daily. You’ll have to settle for a presentation, that is if you’re lucky enough to book him. Because people love him.

• Mark’s recent TEDx talk is featured on TED home site

• In 2016, Mark published his first book Ignite Your Potential, a 7-year passion project focusing on untangling behavioural science into 22 tools for personal development and peak performance.

His latest book, published globally by Wiley is Add Value: Discover Your Values, Find Your Worth, Gain Fulfillment in Your Personal and Professional Life. Why truly knowing what we value—and why—is the real basis of success.

• Has held senior and strategic leadership development roles globally.

• Spent two decades as a learning and development professional, building learning frameworks for blue chip billion-dollar companies and SME’s. Including establishing leadership, sales and efficiency capabilities for emerging markets like e-commerce.

• 10 years of experience working with Contiki and Travcorp in leadership roles, has given him an incredible insight into human behaviour.

• Is an authority on peak performance, productivity, leadership, talent development, sales, culture, resilience, behavioural science, business and ethics.

• An accomplished development professional for over 20 years with multiple accreditations, Mark has built various learning and development frameworks for businesses of all sizes.

• A leading specialist for the virtual and hybrid world, Mark has implemented and custom-built learning management systems and spent more than two years heading up learning for virtual, live and hybrid solutions across Asia Pacific for a web conferencing company.

• Mark is a recurrent contributor to mainstream media, TV, radio and leading publications including Harvard Business Review.

Mark’s signature keynote presentations, son et lumiere style, are next level wow factor. No clicker, no PowerPoint, cinematic timed pairings, sensory submersion and interactive experiences to enhance rapid adult learning. The first four available in the series are featured in presentation synopsis below. Additionally Mark delivers a variety of bespoke presentations to achieve your desired outcomes. All are aligned with his specialisation in people and behaviour.

Skill summary:

Keynote Speaker: Live, Hybrid and Virtual (Has lead and consulted virtual and hybrid events for many years)

Training Programs & Workshops: IP, Bespoke build and design through to facilitation and analysis

MC-Host: Mark frequently will host or MC events he’s presenting at

Accreditations in a variety of behavioural and leadership tools for facilitated profiling workshops

Blended Learning Solutions: A custom built learning management system to compliment hybrid & live


‘Wow, what an amazing series with Mark. Energetic and informative. I didn’t think we could have 3 x 4 hour sessions via zoom and have 40+ people engaged- you did and the collective feedback was absolutely fantastic. Your preparation with us leading up to the conference, then the work during and the post conference support has been absolutely amazing. Thank you for a great conference and look forward to working with you again!’
Senior Vice President Sales, Australia and New Zealand – Nearmap

You tend to get two types of MC’s/Speakers at conferences: 1) those who seek the limelight, and only talk about what others have done; and 2) those who make it happen and are quietly in the background getting results. Having worked with Mark, across 3 or 4 different events, he is definitely the kind of keynote speaker/master of ceremonies who brings amazing substance to an event and who makes it happen. I am always impressed with Mark’s ability to speak and connect with everyone in the room, the way in which he shares his experiences, aligns it to how we learn, and all importantly how he helps the audience to understand how to apply the learning to both to our business environments and our personal worlds. Mark brings value and adds value, every time he steps on stage or engages with people in a learning environment.
C-Suite Exec, Top 50 Channel Chief

‘Wow! Never have I been to a PD session quite like Mark’s. While PD can sometimes be a bit bland and boring, Mark made his session fun and engaging. I’ve learnt tools to help in my personal and professional life and feel even more confident when engaging with others. Having a better understanding on how other personalities present and how best to work and communicate with them, will make my life 100 times easier! I cannot recommend Mark highly enough! You won’t be disappointed.’
Membership Manager, Mackay Business Chamber of Commerce

‘Thank you for designing and delivering such an impactful sales mastery session.
I appreciated the time you took to get to know our business, our needs and existing frameworks so you could incorporate it into your content.
Your ability to listen earned trust from a group of highly experienced B2B consultative sales professionals.
And your energy and focus on connecting the ‘theory’ to real life examples ensured that everyone stayed engaged and came away with tangible tools to accelerate performance.’
Sales & Marketing Exec, LHH

“Mark has the most natural, engaging, entertaining presentation and speaking style. The audience was cheering for more. Mark is so comfortable managing audiences (including virtual) with his amazing audio visual aids. I personally loved his expertise, energy, his content, his excitement and tremendous experience”.
Principle OD



he word ‘value’ is at the core of many conversations – in personal life, the community and business. ‘Value’ is at the heart of all decision-making and personal choices and determines our effectiveness and impact in the world. Add Value provides a framework to unify values with all aspects of our lives to experience unprecedented success in business and beyond.

Ideal for themes like: The experience economy, customer experience, employee experience, employee engagement, sales, business growth, innovation.

– The 5 value elements
– The 4 value causes
– A playbook for VAE’s (Value Added Extras)
– Values, value and human behaviour


Leadership, broken into parts 1, 2 & 3, takes audiences on an HG Wells time machine styled exploration on a subject consistently ranked relevant and linked to success by leading publishers and publications. We’ll take you from pre historic cave to contemporary corporates to define what leadership is and the traits required in leaders for our modern times.

Ideal for themes like: leadership development, management development, talent development, team building, change management, mindset, motivation, CSR.

– 4 Historical case studies
– 10 Leadership traits learned through history
– The 3 most relevant current leadership skills
– Quality of character, leadership and human behaviour


Culture is the energy and execution driving the logic, focus and direction of smart strategy. A focus on culture creates top talent, award winning capabilities, high performance, customer loyalty or competitive advantages. In this unique perspective we dissect how conscious creation of culture in business is linked to its etymology in an ethnological sense. We then build replicable corporate strategies to create your own culture canvas.

Ideal for themes like: culture, high performing teams, change management, the experience economy, employee experience or engagement, team building, talent development.

– Your culture canvas template
– The 4 traditions, 4 evolutions, 4 experiences and 4 enemies of culture
– The 5 tribes
– The single magic ingredient and universal truth of culture


Presentation skills serve us for a lifetime regardless whether personal or professional communications. This keynote hones in on core skills that can be used for internal presentations, client facing roles, for improved facilitation skills, as a train the trainer and as a demonstrative master class keynote in stage craft, influence and personal presence.

Ideal for themes like: presentation skills, speaking skills, the power of storytelling, confidence, motivation, team building, communication.

– The 7 voice and body language influences and 7 design essentials
– Power of personal ethos and authentic presence
– Storytelling and archetypal themes
– Audience engagement and stage craft

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