Melissa is an award-winning transgender authority, advocate for LGBTIQA+ rights, media professional, author, mc and keynote speaker.

Since 2017 she has devoted a lot of her time advocating for the gender diverse and and transgender community. She has also previously worked as a board director for two years for has spent over 20 years also working for government.

Since 2017 Melissa has also been a freelance journalist, media commentator as well as speaking at various conferences and events including the 2018 National Employment Solutions Conference. More recently she spoke at Priceline Pharmacy’s Customer Operations Conference in Melbourne.

In 2017 she was a finalist for Victorian LGBTI person of the year and has been a finalist for other awards including finalist for Agenda Setter of the Year in the 2018 Women’s Awards. In her role, she has spoken at many events as well as speaking on podcasts, radio and tv in Australia and overseas.

Melissa teaches organisations about diversity and inclusion as well sharing her experiences and knowledge about gender diverse and transgender people. She has also teaches about effective advocacy and gender diversity policy. She has online LGBTIQA+ terminology information sheets and tips for employers how to deal with an employee transitioning in the workplace.


“Melissa was an engaging speaker who shared her experience of transitioning so that we had the opportunity to step into her world and learn about the challenges, lessons and achievements along the way.”Healing Minds Psychology“Melissa has been a guest speaker for Brace on two occasions speaking to Certificate IV in Mental Health and a Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs. Brace students reported being most impressed with her transparency and information volunteered in relation to the ‘transitioning’ process. Students and Staff also commented on Melissa’s insight into her own journey and were humbled by her determination to educate her community. “BRACE Education & Training“Melissa is a (sic) inspiring speaker who shared her story and raw experiences to help us better understand the challenges for transgender people. Her story was honest, moving, powerful, and at times sad; but ultimately uplifting. A great resources (sic) for leaders or anyone who wants to create a more inclusive workplace.Brian Westley Regional Director Northern, VicRoads


Speaking Topics

  • How to be an effective advocate
  • How to be more inclusive
  • Transgender from all angles – My story and tips for employers re: person transitioning in their workplace

Effective Advocacy
•Growing up from childhood to adulthood and Melissa’s journey to becoming an advocate.
•Melissa draws upon her years of experience as an advocate to share how people can effectively advocate for their cause including how to create change and tools you need to do this.
•She also shares about the some of the skills you need to be effective as an advocate and the importance of building networks. Melissa draws upon her experience as a leader in her community and board director to share the importance of being a leader and the responsibility that comes along with this.

Organisational Gender Diversity Policy
•Melissa through her years of working as advocate and role model unpacks how you understand gender diversity and how you put it all together in an organisational gender diversity policy.
•Designing and creating a gender diversity in an organisational sense which works and one that doesn’t sit on the shelf.
•Implementing gender diversity policy effectively whilst being cost effective but creating benefits for all and how individuals can implement change in their organisation.

Transgender from All Angles
•A unique perspective on her life as a transgender female from boy to adult then moving to Melbourne. Melissa shares her experiences as she lives as an adult part-time then full-time as a transgender female in Melbourne.
•Melissa draws upon her experience sharing how organisations can effectively help a transgender person transition in their workplace.
•What to expect after a transgender person transitions in the workplace and why important to have policy/guidelines in place to deal with issues that may arise.

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