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Renée is described by audiences as incredibly engaging, thought provoking and contagiously energetic. She uniquely crafts her message to make it relevant, relatable and actionable. She captivates you the moment she steps onto a stage, where she passionately gives her all to be in service to your audience.

Renée is highly sought after as a leading communication, leadership and motivation expert. She helps leaders, teams and organisations realise and achieve what’s possible to be Limitless. By energising mindset and accelerating leadership, communication and collaboration this lifts culture and performance across organisations.

In 2006, Renée founded RG Dynamics and has worked with hundreds of organisations in over 24 industries at all levels. The diversity of her clients and the work she has done has resulted in her profound ability to share stories and experiences that are not only relatable but thought provoking and real.

With over 20 years of leadership, marketing and sales experience in FMCG, retail and not-forprofit, Renée’s gift and point of difference is that whatever she educates her clients in, she lives and practices in her business and life.

Bringing in an external speaker can really lift engagement and add variety and another perspective to your event. Renée speaks at conferences and team offsites and can tailor presentations to be interactive, practical and impactful. This ensures participants are inspired, informed and walk away with ways to implement learnings.


Renée’s book ‘A Gift Mindset”, is a must read as both a business and personal development tool. She has perfected the art of applying her own selfdevelopment stories and those of others to deliver easy to understand and remember methodologies for our own growth. Applying a gift mindset to our lives is a path to increased self-awareness, happiness and fulfillment as we use her principals to enrich the lives of those around us, in-turn, enriching our own! The “12 Gifts” are a classic “how to succeed” guide for any budding leader, I suggest you read and practice them often.

Intrax Consulting Group

Renée facilitated a keynote on ‘Change and Motivation from the Inside Out’ at Telstra’s National licensee roadshow in Melbourne. Her passion, subject matter expertise, and ability to deliver an engaging presentation were just what the audience needed. Renée’s presentation set the tone for the remainder of the day and challenged all to think differently about how they personally lead through change.

Telstra Consumer and Small Business

Renée is a passionate, energetic & inspiring speaker. She knows her stuff. She’s the type of person you just want there with you to drive & inspire your team.


Renée’s enthusiasm for coaching, leading and mentoring is all about taking you and your team on a journey of discovering self and leading your team to higher results. The delivery from Renée is always on point and comes from a place of wanting people to succeed at work and life in general. I can’t recommend Renée highly enough if you want to improve self and to take your business and teams to the next level. I look forward to working with you again soon.

Metricon Homes

Renée facilitated a dynamic and interactive workshop. It was a gift of practical tools that can be applied to lead teams and lead self. Renée created a fun and safe space for people to connect and learn from other like-minded individuals across different industries. Thank-you Renée for a high impact day that has inspired action



Creating a Gift Mindset® Culture
Is your organisational culture one that is built on sharing challenges and successes?
How open are people to sharing the lessons they have learnt with others?
How are people connecting and contributing to each other’s growth and performance?

This Gift Mindset® presentation will:
• Unwrap the Gift Mindset® concept and the barriers that get in the way
• Outline the importance of a Gift Mindset® culture and the pathway
• Dive into the 4 drivers of a Gift Mindset®
• Provide the G.I.F.T process to embrace challenges and successes as an opportunity to share and learn from each other
• Tips and stories to reinforce learnings and make this part of the culture moving forward
• Increase vulnerability, connection and collaboration

12 Gifts of a Gift Mindset® Culture
Creating a culture where we adopt the Gift Mindset® within the workplace can take leadership, connection and collaboration to
the next level. By sharing the experiences and lessons we encounter, through our challenges and successes, we can empower others and create a culture of honesty and openness and live our legacy.

These presentations include:
• The Gift Mindset® concept and how to adopt it
• Stories relevant to each gift
• 6 key strategies to implement
• The G.I.F.T process to unwrap each Gift
• Interaction (optional)

Limitless Leadership™
In today’s fast-moving world, as leaders there is so much to deal with such as technology, people, restructures and dealing with change. These things can bog you down and hold you in a management mindset where leadership feels out of your grasp.
We find many leaders:

Are time-poor and skill-stretched
Want to work ‘on’ their team and not just ‘in’ their team
Need to resolve the unresolved people problems and deal with change
Are transitioning from a management mindset to a leadership mindset

They need to enhance their leadership to shape the future and be limitless! Authentic commitment, effective communication and deep connection are key contributors to being a Limitless Leader™.
During this keynote we focus on the key attributes and enablers needed to excel as a leader in today’s challenging and disruptive climate.

Motivate to Collaborate
Working with thousands of executives and leaders we find many face these challenges:

Lack of understanding of what really motivates themselves and others
Breakdown of communication and motivation
Getting caught up in doing what they are good at but not what they enjoy
Ability to build rapport quickly and easily and have cut-through conversations that matter

In this interactive session we look at ways to identify and satisfy what motivates you, your colleagues and your clients. We uncover powerful tips to decode language and tap into key drivers to maximise performance and role fulfilment. Did you know that motivation accounts for 65% of the predictability of success in a role? When people do what truly motivates them they have a spring in their step. Understanding what motivates others assists in building subliminal rapport and contributes to deeper more meaningful conversations and relationships.

These interactive sessions can be run in conjunction with your nominated keynote presentation or as a stand-alone run at team off-site meetings and conferences. They are a great way to reinforce learnings and make your event even more impactful.

With over 22 years both as senior leader and working with thousands of leaders, Renée has the experience, wisdom and reputation for running workshops that transform, energise, inform and inspire. Renée has facilitated thousands of programs and her high energy and ability to captivate a room will have participants buzzing with insight, energy and new ways of thinking.

The 12 Gifts of a Gift Mindset®
These interactive sessions will explore and expand on the concept of the Gift Mindset® and will then deep dive into each of the 12 gifts which are all important traits or “soft skills” to master in any role.

Skill Pill Workshops
These interactive, hands on workshops have a focus on the key challenges and topics that are relevant in your organisation, right now. These can be run as a stand alone session or to reinforce learnings from one of Renée’s keynote presentations.

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