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Sick days – UP! Depression – UP! Divorce rate – UP! Laughter in life – DOWN!

Just a Coincidence?

Babies begin to laugh at around four months of age. By the time a child reaches grade one they’re laughing on average 300 times a day! Yet as adults we manage only to laugh around 17. What happens on our path to maturity that so detrimentally impacts our ability to laugh?

Scott Williams is a laughter specialist and is a highly regarded and sought after speaker in the Australian corporate arena. He regularly speaks to company executives and their employees on how laughter can be a very powerful tool when it comes to the effective management of stress in our hectic ‘always on’ society. Absenteeism costs the Australian workplace billions of dollars and stress is one of the leading factors. Scott explores the proven link between humour and better health and discusses what practical steps we can all take to boost our daily laughter levels. Scott’s keynote also considers how we can convert some of the negative energy that impacts our daily lives into positive pressure that can propel us forward. It’s a journey into laughter and the most fun you can have while learning! We are all human after all – and we all need to laugh.


Every time HOT Events contracts Scott, it is a delight. We have worked with him over a number of years with various clients and each day he brings laughter, knowledge and professionalism to us. Thank you Dr!Victoria Wales Business Director at HOT EventsVery professional, very good to work with and very funny. One of the best conference emcee’s around.Gary Baldwin Managing Director Baldwin Consulting GroupScott is the best in the business! Always professional, a pleasure to work with, loved by clients all over the world. I would not hesitate in working with Scott anytime, anywhere. He is the MAN!Tafflyn Fiola Joyful Celebration



Scott’s extraordinary ability to connect with an audience allows him to execute the role of master of ceremonies with effortless ease. Whether it’s a gala dinner or an international incentive program, Scott’s always brings his ‘A’ game and generates a vitality at an event that cannot be duplicated. Feedback for this part of Scott’s work comes not only from his long list of loyal clients but also from his peers. Economics speaker Phil Ruthvin has been quoted as saying “Scott has to be one of the smartest, most professional, quick-witted and humorous emcees I have had the pleasure of working with”. International Lifestyle coach Matt Church has also been quoted as saying: “Scott is in my mind Australia’s number one professional emcee. His value and commitment to an event is unparalleled. I love what he does and how he goes about doing it.”


Australian Comedian Scott Williams, If you love to laugh then it’s time you met Australia’s Laughter Specialist Scott Williams. Affectionately known as ‘The Doctor’, Scott is a gifted and naturally funny comedian. He effortlessly delivers a rich blend of clean, smarty comedy and hilarious audience participation. With performing experience spanning 40 years, Scott has built up an enviable reputation of being one of the most sought after acts on the Australian circuit. His popularity can be seen in audience feedback he continually receives where words such as ‘Brilliant’, Topical’, Intelligent’, Intoxicating’, and ‘Hugely entertaining’ are often used. In the past 40 years tens of thousands of people have witnessed Scott’s comic genius live. In his latest show aptly entitled “The Laughter Show”, Scott brings into focus our modern world and with clever humour and vivid imagery, demonstrates how we can all bring more laughter into our lives. Ultimately Scott reminds us that ‘we are only human’ after all and we all need to laugh. The Laughter Show is a truly unique comedy performance that is loaded with laughter.


Scott’s talent also shines in the all important keynote / motivational presenter category. His thought provoking and highly entertaining keynote “The Happy Human” receives rave reviews from all business channels. The presentation goes back to the basics and explores in detail the proven link between humour and better health. Over the hour Scott creates many ‘lightbulb’ moments for his audience. “THE HAPPY HUMAN” HOW TO DEAL WITH HOW YOU FEEL! Keynote covers topics such as Stress Vs. humour in the workplace, Perspective change for personal productivity improvement and how to achieve happiness in your life on a more consistent basis.

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