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The Science of a Corporate Olympian

Sheena Walker has the ability to turn experts into an authority, inspire executives, entrepreneurs, speakers and trainers to create world-class programs and presentations. She does this faster and more effectively than any other speaker or coach. – Realise- The best clients are individuals and companies who realise that powerful persuasion professional presentations give them a competitive edge.

Sheena is the creator of “Performance By Design” is an International speaker, corporate trainer, radio presenter and entrepreneur of High Performance,

Sheena speaks on hitting the metrics of Olympic winning habits: and Winning beyond the arena. Sheena’s unique experience with coaching Olympic athletes combined with management and her business background will inspire and educate you to want to achieve more. Her clients refer to her as the “Corporate Olympian “
For more than two decades Sheena has been teaching Executives, Entrepreneurs, CEO and senior management how to be positioned as leaders in their industry, to have the competitive edge.

Recognized as offering mastery with a difference, in performance, innovation, and staying relevant in the future with her unique formula using sport methodology are designed to give you, your people, and your business “ The Olympic Winning Edge”
As the creator of The Corporate Olympian and host of The Dynamic Voice podcast and author in Global Impact Makers, this was voted an International best seller on Amazon.

A graduate and guest Lecturer of the University of Stirling studying International Business, Marketing, Economics, HR & Media. After studying and learning from the world of sport and business and what made individuals outstanding, she created an innovative signature model to break performance boundaries into
 Keynote Presentations.
 A Signature Speaking system
 Performance By Design Master classes.

Sheena positions her clients in authoritive roles in their respective industry. She is a licensed Master practitioner of Neuro –Linguistic (NLP), A certified Tony Robbins Strategic Results Coach and founder of The Performance by Design Speaker system
We are delighted to work with some terrific organisations, it goes without saying we would love to work with you.
Contact us, you will find we don’t do average. We are simply outstanding at what we do.


“Sheena is a true inspiration – on and off the stage. She is a leader, oozes confidence when on stage and is a true motivational spirit when she speaks to her audience.”
Deenita P.

“Sheena is inspirational – this was the first thing I noticed about her. A good listener and someone who can focus on what’s important, creating a solid list of priorities in order to achieve a given goal. Sheena is an excellent example of how to achieve goals in a focused and organised manner and is a great consultant for anyone wishing to move progressively forward as she will guide you over all the unexpected hurdles.”
Jane M.

“I attended one of Sheena’s masterclasses and I was blown away. She is sharp, to the point and creative. Just a genius at helping you script your keynote. There are many presentation skills workshops out there, but this was by far the most professional and inspiring workshop I have attended in years. She has everyone mesmerized by her expertise.”
Stephen A.



Most Requested Keynotes

Design Thinking

How to have an ‘Individual Centred’ approach in your organisation
science of a corporate olympian

Breaking performance boundaries in your organisation and life
Winning Results beyond the arena

Successful people have successful habit…learn how to apply the 7 habits of extraordinary people.

Sheena speaks on topics around performance, leadership and personal success. Her focus is to help you achieve YOUR goal from your event, so she will customise her talk based on your events particular needs.

Here are her most requested topics. Please bear in mind that she can deliver these either as keynotes or as workshops in your organisation…whatever will have the biggest impact for you.


Sheena also presents the …

Personal Mastery Academy.

You’re about to build the life you always dream of.

The Mastery Academy has been created with care, attention and love…with your growth at it’s heart.

During our intensive masterclass sessions, you’ll discover Sheena’s most advanced strategies on performing at a truly world-class level and how to apply them to your personal and business life.

Imaging getting serious balance back in your life, by retraining your mindset for deep motivation, with systems that work!

Learn how to use simple, consistent everyday actions to improve your performance.


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