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Simon Doble is a purpose driven humanitarian, social impact entrepreneur, inspirational keynote speaker and authority on creating innovative solar energy solutions for the humanitarian and off-grid sectors.

Driven by passion, dedication and empathy, Simon combines his unique skillset to improve the lives of millions of people living in Energy Poverty across the globe by addressing the cause and not the symptom.

A father himself, Simon is determined to ensure every child has access to a quality and safe education that will enable them to determine their own futures and maybe even change the world.


Simon Doble was an absolute pleasure to work with at our Navitas Business Partner Conference. His professionalism, friendliness and passion for SolarBuddy made for a highly engaging and emotive presentation. Thank you Simon”


We were so impressed with his presentation that we immediately undertook a partnership with Simon and SolarBuddy to further assist where we could, and now have an active partnership with his charity. It’s not a surprise that he received a standing ovation at our conference!”

Etihad Airways

“Simon is highly knowledgeable about energy poverty and is a wonderful story teller who keeps his audience captivated and intrigued. I found speaking with Simon highly motivational and energising which has resulted in me wanting to do more to help others”

Goldman Sachs

“Through a combination of passion, facts and humour Simon is one of those rare speakers who is able to draw the audience’s attention to the massive problem of energy poverty and how each of the people sitting in the audience can take action now to make a tangible difference. Whether it is talking to a small group in a meeting room or walking the stage in front of thousands, Simon is able to make a connection with the audience which can have a profound and sustained impact.”

New Energy Solar


Energy Poverty
Bringing to light one of the most unrecognised forms of poverty; and how we as individuals & corporation’s can be the road to a brighter future.

More than a charity, SolarBuddy is a force for good, and brings with it an inspiring and connecting story.

Inspiration & Perseverance
From unfathomable challenges to improving countless lives. Guaranteed to inspire change for good.

The Road Ahead
The company that stands for something is something.

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