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CEO, Advocate for Equality, Integrity, Climate Action, Prosperity and Better Business Practices for a Sustainable World.

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CEO, Entrepreneur, Ethical & Sustainable Business Growth Strategist, Systems Thinker, Educator, Writer, Change Agent and Advocate for Ethical Selling, Equality, Integrity, Climate Action, Economic Prosperity & Representative Democracy, Sue’s the perfect commentator, adviser and speaker on how we can create Better Business and Community Systems and Practices that lead to a more sustainable & mutually prosperous world for all.


We need to be more than leaders. We must evolve to become Stewards of Systems, Leaders of People, Managers of Process and Cultivators of Culture to create better businesses, communities and societies for a sustainable world.”

CEO, entrepreneur, and systems thinker, Sue is best known as a business growth strategist, sales systems specialist, educator, writer, consultant, and change agent championing Better Business Practices for a sustainable world. Founder & CEO of Barrett and the Selling Better Movement, Sue works with organisations across the world helping leaders and teams create and operate highly successful sustainable business growth systems, strategies, teams and cultures.

A leading advocate for human-centred, ethical business, sales and leadership practices, Sue works with leaders, teams and communities to think deeply about the consequences of our decisions on others and on the planet.

Sue has the ability to raise awareness of our interconnectedness as a foundation for empathy, compassion, decency and ethics, which in turn informs our moral cognition – our capacity to ‘do the right thing’.

One of the founding organisers of March4Justice that rallied 110,000+ people in 200 locations around Australia in 14 days in 2021, and a founding member of Voices of Goldstein, Sue’s an advocate for Equality, STEMA education, Social Justice, Climate Action and Representative Democracy.

In 2019, Sue published her first paperback book, ‘142 Days of Gratitude that changed my life forever‘, a treatise on the positive power of gratitude that delivers a masterclass in resilience. Sue lives in Goldstein with her family and is inspired by David Bowie, Rachel Carson, Kate Raworth & Maria Montessori.




We reached out to Barrett Consulting with a need to explore best practices in large commercial structures, from the first call we were really impressed of how engaging and responsive Sue Barrett was and how quickly she understood our business. She was fantastic in challenging our thinking from day 1, encouraging us to continue to look from the customers’ eyes within all of our market segments. She was great to ensure we looked into the future, take a broad-er view and consider options outside of our industry. We had some tight deadlines and Barrett Consulting were easy to work with to meet our deadlines and follow up after workshops. Sue is an amazing facilitator and finds a way to bring the ideas out from all, while keeping senior leaders engaged. I would highly recommend Sue and her team when considering a team with great insight, expertise and quick to respond and understand.
Lynda Rowan, Director- Talent & Culture Integration, Accor

There are not many people in this world like Sue Barrett. Sue is one of those people whose energy changes a room – this was the case during our first session at the Victorian Institute of Sport Barrett Business Program. Sue combines evidence and practice in a way that relates directly to you, and helps spark meaningful change. This is extremely powerful when combined with a delightful sense of humour and ability to form sincere connections. As such, I was excited to discover that Sue has managed to capture these key ingredients in her book “142 Days of Gratitude – that changed my life forever”. A mix of science, neuroplasticity, vulnerability, and desire to help others, all shine through strongly, and provide for an enjoyable read that I can highly recommend. It’s a legs up from me!
Hannah Macdougall, PhD, Dual Paralympian and Medallist, Motivational Speaker, Athlete Well-being Expert, Community Engagement & Development @ Victoria State Emergency Service


Sales Essentials
Sales Essentials is the most effective and practical foundation sales skills, process and thinking training course, designed to give any salesperson – from novice to experienced – a thorough grounding in the essential knowledge, skills, & mindsets needed to sell effectively. The first sales program in Australia to achieve a university qualification and be available in both classroom and online e-learning format, Sales Essentials provides salespeople with the foundations for professional selling.


Sales Management
Powerful sales leaders are made, not born. Barrett’s powerful Sales Management Essentials programme provides sales leaders – at every level – with a comprehensive range of skills, functions and activities that every sales manager must have in his / her portfolio. In this dynamic programme sales leaders learn…

The 5 key skills used in every sales management interaction
•How to structure a sales operation for optimal effectiveness

•Identify “good selling” and employ the right salespeople
•Develop effective Go-to-market plans
•Define and introduce sales disciplines that ensure good governance
•Develop budgets and forecasts for sales and manage sales processes and systems
•Create remuneration programmes that support the sales drive
•Coaching, developing and training for their teams


Sales Coaching
International studies report that if Sales Managers are better educated in sales management and coaching, their sales teams achieve higher performance and results. There is no more positive correlation found between frequency of sales management development and sales performance. Barrett is dedicated to developing effective sales managers and coaches. Our Sales Coaching Programme gives you everything you need to be an effective sales coach.

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