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Warwick Merry is a Master MC and Engagement Expert.

With clients including: Telstra, NAB, RACGP, and the Home Timber Hardware Group, he gets teams engaged and activated by their team goals. He is also experienced at facilitating events from 100 to 4,000 delegates both online and offline.

In this era of online and hybrid events, Warwick has become the industry expert that others contact to discover how to make the events more engaging, energising and fun. He combines his 20+ years of experience with events, his background in theatre and Improv and his genuine passion for having fun to take events to the next level.

Warwick is the author of the book, Get More Inspiration and creator of over 30 different CD and DVD products. He is a Certified Speaking Professional, a dual Certified Virtual Presenter, and a really fun guy who is easy to work with.


Warwick is uniquely positioned in the current market. His depth of experience and knowledge of events helps him understand the detail of what is needed. He has given us some excellent ideas, concepts and strategies for our clients. He is our secret weapon for online events for our clients.
Think Business Events

After our initial conversation with Warwick, we knew we needed to get him on board so we could get our online events happening. He brought so much more to each event than we thought and has become a key part of our online sessions.
The Growth Project

Warwick had some simple and straight forward ideas that we put in to place straight away. We went on to use Warwick for multiple events and he has set a high benchmark for us and our online events.
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Master of Ceremonies

Be it from improvised notes at informal functions to fully scripted major events, Warwick is a Master MC. He has hosted intimate touring groups up to international audiences of over 2,000 people. A background in theatre, television and radio, as well as over 15 years in the corporate world, have given him the skills to keep an audience entertained, energised and engaged.


Inspirational Speaker

An internationally accredited Certified Speaking Professional, Warwick has spoken in Germany, Denmark, Sri Lanka, UAE, China, USA and Australia. He has motivated and inspired thousands of people through his keynote addresses, workshops and programs. His presentations are appropriate, relevant, inspirational and motivational.


Exhibiting Expert

As a product ambassador, Warwick spent over 12 months at a permanent trade show in Dallas, Texas. He has exhibited all over Europe, the USA and Australasia. He now offers client training in delivering significant increases in qualified leads and market exposure, both nationally and internationally.


Author and Writer

Warwick is a contributing author to the best-selling book Agents of Action, as well as the author of his own book Get More Inspiration. He is a regular contributor to the Indian business magazine, CYCBTH, the London-based Family Business Owner magazine as well as other industry magazines.

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