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Around the world, leaders are facing unprecedented challenge and uncertainty ! And as they look for support they are seeing “everyone is transforming everyone!”

Have you noticed that? Yet we still have a tsunami of stress, anxiety and depression before us! Life events have knocked everybody around this last couple of years, and what used to work before is not coming together as it used to. That’s caused confusion and uncertainty. In the workplace, it is demonstrated the majority of people do not have the confidence to get in a room and have an open conversation because they do not trust they will be safe.

Here’s the kicker ! Nothing gets solved until people open up!

•Are you and your team struggling with increased expectations?

•Are you feeling more stressed, increasingly anxious and even doubting your ability at times?

•Are there big decisions to be made that affect the wellbeing of yourself and your people?

•Do you worry about how to be having better conversations with your managers and staff?

•Do you want to feed into the wellbeing of your people?

We would like to suggest you turn to Pat.

You see, Pat Armitstead knows how to get people to open up.
She has been creating high trust environments for over 35 years.
Referred to as “Australasias answer to Patch Adams “, Pat is the epitomy of good humour, unwavering positivity and creativity. She has a rare capacity to meld her creativity and compassion to champion the human spirit leading people to find joy where it appeared there was none. Mike Hutcheson Ex MD of Saatchi and Saatchi Auckland said of her ” Pat is one of the most emotionally intelligent people I know, and her programs foster connection, conscious leadership, emotional/social/conversational intelligence, creativity, empathy, and humour in the workplace.”

Her Mental Health in the Workplace program has been hailed as a game changer, with one of her recent clients being 450 leaders from Programmed, a company with 26,000 staff. Her unique personal perspectives, traumatic past, repeated losses and eventual mastery as a Multi Award Winning Speaker, TV and Radio Host and Exhibiting Artist are a rare combination of talents. A master storyteller she combines Positive Psychology principles, Emotional Intelligence, and Neuroscience with real human experiences to bring understanding and meaning to life events.

Pat has delivered over 1000 keynotes , won 5 speaking awards including the prestigious NSANZ Speaker of the Year Award. She has won 11 advertising awards and her multi award winning radio program was honoured with a Civic Mayoral Reception for its contribution to the countries wellbeing. She has over 5000 endorsements, testimony to her ability to inspire and influence change.

Pat says “You cant lift your bottom line if people are down” and we can influence and reduce the current incidence of stress related illness, anxiety, depression and suicide ideation.

Pat knows that leaders need to be supported to meld emotional, social and conversational intelligence alongside strategy and offers a complimentary, no obligation coaching session for you to experience her philosophies.


“Thank you for your presentation…It’s hard to find a speaker that has a major point of difference and who is able to keep the delegates attention throughout. Your handout notes were just brilliant….especially the last paragraph!”
Martin Personel

“I owe you a hug for being so brave to do what you have done …lesser persons would crumble! I love what you have done in Russia and wish I could do the same. Maria Elsyeva’s plea left me screaming to the world …let our children be free of the shackles of domination. “
Irene Daley, Aboriginal Artist NSW, Australia

“Pat commits the cardinal management sin of spreading joy and making people smile. If her practices become widely adopted, going to work will become fun, and people will enjoy the experience. Ultimately she is a dangerous subversive to dullness, mediocrity and boredom. Why can’t we have more like her?”
John Bishop – Media commentator

“I just wanted to say thank you again. I left the session yesterday feeling so uplifted and empowered to be generous to others daily. You do great stuff.”
Kerry Dewar, Learning & Development Consultant – Sales, Coca-Cola Amatil


Championing the human spirit
Pat has been championing the human spirit for 40 years. She is a cancer survivor; has turned around bankruptcy; repaid $80,000 in 2 years; lost her first child, lost her home and business twice; tolerated a violent relationship; had 10 car accidents in 18 months (none her fault she says!); her family did not speak for 20 years; and she has been literally crippled by ill health. It was when her partner of 20 years left with another woman though, that she crumbled. But, rather than succumb to depression she found another way . In the face of that adversity she became President of The National Speakers Association of New Zealand, The most awarded speaker in 2001, NZ Speaker of the Year 2002, Most Outstanding Speaker Professional Speakers NZ, plus her radio show won 5 national awards and was honoured at a Civic Reception hosted by Auckland Mayor for her contribution to the nations wellbeing.

Pat can take your audience on a roller coaster of emotions, melding storytelling, artistic representation, positive psychology and emotional intelligence to lift spirits, reinvigorate individuals and teams and inspire them to give full self expression to their gifts and talents.

AAPNZ participant said :-
“I had the privilege to be present at an AAPNZ run conference where Pat was speaking… actually Pat was the HIGHLIGHT! Pat has an extraordinary story and a truly exceptional way of delivering it – at times you are holding your breath forgetting to breathe and at others laughing so hard your sides burst with tears running down your face! An experience not to be missed. If you have the opportunity to be in this womans presence – it’s pure joy!”


Transforming Workplace Wellbeing – Mental Health in the Workplace
A program designed to build a safe, supportive 21st century workplace culture where leaders are educated and skilled to embrace vulnerability and the human condition with empathy, compassion and confidence. Delivered as a keynote, ½ or full day facilitated workshop. Pat says employee wellbeing is a shared responsibility and psychological wellbeing is at the forefront of peoples minds. She says workplace wellbeing begins with a conversation created in a high trust environment where people feel safe to be heard. The program includes recognising mental health issues in a workplace context, identifying the signs, symptoms and risks that may impact employee wellbeing, understanding methods to encourage staff to practice self-care, creating and maintaining a mentally healthy workplace. A major principle is equipping leaders to have the brave conversations ! Mental health training benefits organisations, groups and individuals to build supportive workplaces which embrace diversity and inclusiveness. Organisations that seek this level of engagement with their staff will benefit from improved communications, increased productivity, positive workplace culture, safe environments and greater staff retainment.

Malcolm Deery, from Programmed said :_
“Pat is highly engaging as she shares compelling stories about well being, self worth and gratitude. Her work leading corporate groups around these matter is excellent and highly recommended.”


Creativity and Critical Thinking – new models of leadership
For years we have honoured sport and academia but not given credit to other intelligences such as inter personal, intrapersonal, creative, emotional . Holding the space for change in our world, while allowing flow, takes a lot of energy, and we know strategy alone is no longer enough. Self awareness is crucial now! This “deep reality change” is showing us how to move into a more self caring flow. The focus is on unearthing any limitations and misperceptions you may have so you can find clarity, discovering your true essence, intelligences and signature strengths so you can find flow, and reveal yourself fully awakened and expressed in a way not before experienced. It’s been my experience that we have lost touch with our intuitive nature. I created this program to reawaken that! This can be a keynote, in house presentation of 90 minutes or it can be a 12 week journey you can take either one on one or in a group to unearth, discover and reveal your full creative potential.

Wayne Mansfield, Founder, Australian Education Corporation said:-
“Pat is a one of a kind genius… someone who has been able to touch the lives of many with her unique gift of compassion, humour and personality… being a pioneer the road is unmade but that has only encouraged Pat to achieve more than could be reasonably expected… Pat and her work receive my greatest admiration”

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