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AJ Kulatunga

With so much uncertainty in the world today, how can we adapt, innovate and lead effectively, especi

Arishma Singh

For too long we have lived in a society without challenging old paradigms. Arishma Singh is a Keynot

Kathryn Maggs

Kathryn is an authority in helping executive leaders and their teams unlock their fullest potential

Sheena Walker

The Science of a Corporate OlympianSheena Walker has the ability to turn experts into an authority,

David Penglase

Customer Experience   |   Sales   |   Leadership   |   Change/Disruption |  Motivation/Inspiration  

Ritu G. Mehrish

Ritu G. Mehrish is a woman on a mission to humanise leadership. She provides a refreshing and unique

Rowdy McLean

An entrepreneur who retired from his first successful company at 34, Rowdy has since gone on to crea

Anna Sheppard

Anna believes in a future where every leader and organisation is committed to creating a sustainable

Avril Henry

Avril Henry is the Founder and Executive Director of Avril Henry & Associates. She is an acclaim

Lez Moore

In todays faced past constantly evolving world the importance of having your head in the game has ne