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Dan Gregory

Most futurists increase your sense of panic and anxiety with dystopian images of the not-too-distant

Dr Keith Suter AM

Dr Keith Suter is the Managing Director of the Global Directions think tank. He is an economic and s

Dr Catherine Ball PhD

Associate Professor, Dr Catherine Ball is a scientific futurist, speaker, advisor, author, founder,

Michael Pascoe

Michael was born and educated in Queensland, a product of Nudgee College with a corresponding dedica

Amanda Fisher

Amanda Fisher, aka The Cash Flow Queen, is an internationally awarded speaker, author, educator and

Lez Moore

In todays faced past constantly evolving world the importance of having your head in the game has ne

Stephen Brady AO CVO

Stephen Brady concluded his Australian Public Service career as Australia’s Ambassador to France. Du

Monica Rosenfeld

Monica Rosenfeld is a dynamic marketing conference speaker, event MC and stand up comedian extraordi

Lisa Wilkinson AO

For more than three decades, Lisa Wilkinson has blazed an unprecedented trail through the Australian

Chelsea Pottenger

Founder and Director of EQ MINDS, Chelsea Pottenger is an accredited Mindfulness & Meditation co