Ross Swan is an experienced executive coach who focuses on behaviours to mold better leaders of people and better at leading themselves where it needs to start.

After listening to Ross’s presentation you will be inspired to take a more proactive role in leading yourself.

I help business improve the performance of their people. This is achieved by working with managers to become better leaders and helping them create an environment where employees want to come to work and contribute.



I began coaching sessions with Ross Swan as part of a personal improvement plan offered by my company in the management of Major Capital Projects in the Oil Industry. I connected instantly with Ross as he was very personable in his approach, listened intently, and focused on areas of improvement to enhance my skills in dealing with managing projects where people are the main resource to a successful execution…

I must say my work with Soul-Inspired-Leadership has been unbelievable – using the TimeWaver technology to identify vulnerable areas of concern in my life such as upbringing, relationships etc Antoinette adds a human touch through therapy engagement and hypnosis to identify areas of deep-rooted problems that affect the way I interact with others and my wellbeing meter. My main problem was always having low-level anxiety and stress in my daily life…

It is certainly great, that both Ross with his executive coaching skills, and Antoinette with her healing skills, have joined to form Soul-Inspired-Leadership because it definitely has made a difference to me.

Senior Executive… Oil Industry


One Peanut At a Time : Being an Effective Leader of Yourself

Join Ross to learn how to see the value of reflection with questions to ask yourself daily.

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